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We are a group of young passionate Asian Pet stylists who devoted to transform your pets to look their best.

We love Australia. We found that Australia is a paradise for domestic animals like dogs and cats. Because Australia is such a big and resourceful country. Almost every family owns a dog or cat for pets. People are so nice and treat them as family members. Every dog and cat can live comfortably here. But when it comes down to pet styling, we found that it does not really have many options. We see a high demand for more interesting and cuter style.

We love fun and cute concept. Poodle is not just standard breeding style for us. It could be “Teddy Bear”, “Chestnut”, “Water Drop” etc… Pomeranian can also become “little lion”, “Teddy Bear“ etc..

So we established our very first grooming store in January, 2019. We have brought the most frontline fashion from Asia here. I hope you will find something interesting here as well.

Welcome to Ange Pet Salon. Not only do we groom with great technique, we groom with Love.