Membership Policy

Pet Salon Membership Policy

1. Membership Fee and Credit: To become a member of our pet salon, individuals are required to pay a membership fee of $500. Upon joining, members will receive a $500 credit loaded onto their membership card, which can be used for any services offered at our salon.

2. Grooming Service Discount: Members of our pet salon enjoy a 10% discount on all grooming services. This discount is automatically applied at the time of payment.

3. Discounted Products: In addition to grooming service discounts, members are eligible for discounted prices on select pet care products available for purchase at our salon.

4. VIP Group Access: Members are invited to join our VIP group, where they can make enquiries, receive updates on promotions and events, and access exclusive benefits reserved for our most valued customers.

5. Refund Policy: Membership in our pet salon is valid for one year from the date of purchase. No refunds will be issued for memberships that have expired. Members must renew their membership to continue enjoying the benefits.