Your dog’s welfare is Ange Pet Salon’s number one priority and safety and well-being is very important. Ange Pet Salon will take every step to ensure the visit is as comfortable as possible.
Please READ the following agreement in its entirety. By entering Ange Pet Salon, you agree the following terms and conditions. 

As a guide, please allow three hours for a full grooming appointment.  From time to time, the appointment may take less time and this may be discussed with you at the time of admission.  Rushing an appointment to meet tight timelines may cause injury to your dog.  If you have time restrictions on your appointment day, please discuss this at the time of booking or reschedule your appointment.
All online appointments need to be pre-paid an amount of $20 as deposit. No refund will be made if you do not show up for the appointment. Reschedule needs to be made at least 48 hours before the appointment time. Otherwise, no refund will be made. 



By using our services, owners confirm that their dog is up to date with C5 vaccination. An unvaccinated dog may put itself and others at risk. We will not be liable for any vet related costs due to illness in unvaccinated pets. Ange Pet Salon may ask for proof of vaccination and veterinary information which must be provided for Puppies less than 6 months old. 

Drop off and Admission
Please arrive at your appointed time.  Early arrivals may not be accommodated, or additional fees will be incurred to provide effective care for your dog.
On arrival at Ange Pet Salon, you will meet your groomer and have the opportunity to discuss your grooming needs.  The groomer will assess the condition of your dog and advise if your expectations can be met.  The condition of your dog’s coat plays a major role in the grooming outcomes and price.
Please advise your groomer if there are any health, temperament, dietary etc conditions that we need to be aware of.  

Groomer preference
Groomer preferences cannot be guaranteed, as the health and welfare of the groomer must be taken into account.  Requests for specific groomers will be considered, where possible.  Bookings are made according to the groomer’s work-load and style / level of grooming detail required on the day and requested groomer appointments may change without notice.  

Bookings are by appointments only and all appointments are confirmed by text the day before.  In the event you do not show up for a confirmed appointment, you will be warned that you will be  required to pay the FULL appointment fee prior to a booking being rescheduled next time. If you do not show up again for a confirmed appointment, Full amount needs to be paid before we can reschedule the booking for you again.

Late Appointment Arrivals
Appointments are made to optimise the time of Ange Pet Salon professional staff and assure timely delivery of the service.  Therefore, on-time arrival is important for effective and timely management of dogs.  
Ange Pet Salon reserves the right to charge a $10 per 10 minutes Late Arrival fee to manage the communication that is needed when a dog arrives late.
If you are more than 15 minutes late for your confirmed appointment without CALLING to notify of late arrival, the appointment may be cancelled and you will be required to pay $20 appointment fee before the appointment is rescheduled.

As a guide, a grooming appointment will take around three hours.  Please do not return until you have received advice from Ange Pet Salon that your dog is ready.  Your early arrival may excite your dog, making the grooming job difficult to complete.
Please use the pick-up time to inspect your dog’s groom and let the Ange Pet Salon staff know of any issues or fix ups you would like attended to before you leave.
4 hour maximum stay time is strictly followed. You will be charged a day care fee of $40 per dog upon pick up for extended stay time for your dog.  If you believe you will be late, let us know when dropping off and we can discuss alternate arrangements.  Please note, alternate arrangements will depend on your dog’s health, temperament and behaviour as well as the salon’s capacity on the day.

All care is taken to deliver the outcome you seek.  Your at-home attention to your dog’s coat plays a role in the ability to deliver the desired finish.  
The price of grooming will be impacted if your dog has not been groomed with the last eight weeks or if thorough brushing has not been undertaken at home between grooming visits.
Groomers take special care to “do no harm”.  Should a groom related injury occur during your dog’s visit, we will notify immediately and take responsibility.  However, where an injury occurs as a DIRECT result of your dog’s coat condition, aggressive or poor behaviour or grooming non-compliance, Ange Pet Salon will not be held responsible.

Dogs that present with matted coats require extra attention. Ange Pet Salon will not cause undue stress or harm to dogs by de-matting.  Brushing out severe matts can be extremely painful as it causes live hairs to be pulled out of the skin and even mild matting can cause your pet a great deal of pain and discomfort.
When a dog presents with a matted coat, extra grooming charges will be applied and the requested length style may not be achieved.  $50 hour rate de-matting fee will be charged.  If your dog is severely matted, they will be shaved.  
In the best interest of your dog, Ange Pet Salon will obtain immediate veterinary treatment should it become necessary. Nearest Vet service will be utilised in cases of emergency and you agree to pay any and all veterinarian fees.  
You will release Ange Pet Salon from any liability associated with any / all injuries or medical problems that may be uncovered and/or occur during the stripping and de-matting process.

Dogs with temperament issues
Aggressive or anti-social dogs present a threat to clients, their dogs and staff.  You must tell us before we start if there are any temperament / aggression issues, if your dog bites or doesn’t like other dogs / particular genders / children, etc.  If you have been refused services at another groomer, please let us know.
If Ange Pet Salon are unable to complete a dog because of temperament but have already started, you will be responsible for the FULL cost of the groom.
If your dog causes damage to another dog in the care of Ange Pet Salon, you are responsible for charges from veterinary treatment sought by either Ange Pet Salon or by the owner of the dog.
If, during the grooming process, behavioural issues arise, handling or extra care fees will apply to cover the additional time taken to manage the dog.
If you are aware extra care and attention is needed, two groomers may be requested to minimise the stress on a dog with difficulties and protect the groomer.  An additional fee will be charged with a $50 hour rate per extra person.

Sedated dogs
Ange Pet Salon will NEVER administer sedation drugs to your dog.
In addition, Ange Pet Salon can accept no responsibility for a dog when it has been sedated prior to their appointment.  Drugs may cause respiratory distress, low blood pressure, seizures and low heart rate. You must understand the risk of grooming a sedated dog and accept full responsibility for any and all injuries or medical problems that may arise.  

Senior Pets
Grooming may be stressful for any dog of any age and it can be especially stressful to an older dog. Ange Pet Salon do their best to complete all dogs in a timely manner.  Your senior dog will be groomed for comfort over style.  Extra care and handling fees may apply.

Flea/Tick Removal
If your dog presents with fleas, a flea treatment will be immediately administered.  An extra charge of $20 to $50 (dependent on size) will be charged.  Ange Pet Salon will notify you to ensure action may be taken at your end to prevent re-infestation.

Ear Hair
Ange Pet Salon may pluck/pull/remove ear hair upon request.  In case there is a possible ear infection, you will be notified and be recommended to see a vet.  You must understand that ear hair plucking can cause microscopic tears in the ear and may cause infection.  

Aggressive behaviour
At no time will rude, aggressive, offensive or threatening behaviour be tolerated. Ange Pet Salon take every step to assure optimal outcomes across all elements of service, including handling of customers.  Customers that act inappropriately will have their appointments cancelled and the full cost of the groom will be payable before further appointments are booked.

Picture/Video Release
From time to time, photos or videos may be taken of your dog.  These may be used on social media platforms, the Ange Pet Salon website, in advertising etc.  You give permission to take pictures and film of your dog(s) and agree that Ange Pet Salon owns the Copyright of these.


Ange Pet Salon is unable to groom pregnant or in season bitches. The dog is cared for by Ange Pet Salon staff without liability for loss or damage from: disease, theft, fire, death, escape, injury or harm to persons, other dogs, or property, or for unavoidable causes, for which due care and diligence have been exercised. You release Ange Pet Salon of liability of any kind arising from your dog’s attendance at Ange Pet Salon.

I hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the contract, and that the contract contains the entire agreement between the two parties. Also, I realise that the provisions of this contract are binding upon both parties.