Ange Pet Salon


How long does your premium wash take? 

2-3 hours. It depends on the size and work load. 

  • How long is the full grooming service? 

2-3 hours. It depends on the size and condition of your pets and the style you would love to achieve. 

  • How long is Complete Scissor Styling?

3-4 hours. We start with hand wash and massage. Gentle blow dry with brushing out. Then hand scissor to your preferred style. The drying process is the key for the successful styling. It takes time and patience to brush out. 

  • Why don’t you have quick bath, or bath and towel dry? Why do you have only one option for bath? 

Because we believe every pooch needs to enjoy full package with reasonable price every time with Ange Pet Salon. Half dried fur tend to become matted pretty soon and cause pain and unnecessary stress when remove. It may develop into dermatological conditions overtime.  

  • How long does the cat premium bath and grooming service take?
2 hours in general for Premium Bath. 2-3 hours for Cat Grooming. 
  • Can I bring my own shampoo and conditioners for my pet?

Yes, feel free to take your own shampoo and conditioners alone if you think they serves the best for them. We do not charge extra for this.